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Basics Mindful Living is a brand that aims to raise awareness of the importance of mindful living and discovers our connection to our environment. 

It means paying attention to our basic needs. We must have food, water, air, and shelter to survive. Human beings cannot survive if any of these basic needs are not met. To meet these basic needs, we must protect our environment. 

Basics Refill Station offers zero waste and eco-friendly products and we also have different local business/social enterprise products that supports sustainability movement in Malaysia. We also organise workshops/talks/events related to the following four cores.

  • Mindfulness - be aware and know what we're doing at present
  • Minimalism - focus on the things we valued the most, remove anything that distracts us
  • Wellness - love ourself, practise self-care in our routine
  • Sustainability - practise environmentally cautious habit 


Basics 用心生活是一个旨在提高人们对正念生活重要性的认识并发现我们与环境的联系的品牌。


Basics Refill Station 提供零浪费和环保产品. 我们也有不同的本地商业/社会企业产品来支持马来西亚的可持续发展。我们还有一些与以下四个核心相关的研讨会/讲座/活动。

  • 正念 - 意识到并知道我们目前在做什么
  • 极简主义 - 专注于我们最看重的事物,消除任何让我们分心的事物
  • 健康 - 爱自己,在日常生活中进行自我保健
  • 可持续发展 - 养成谨慎环保的习惯

We believe in Mindfulness

We believe in Minimalism

We believe in Wellness

We believe in Sustainability