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Members Facilities - Donate Plastics #2 & #5 with Beyond Bins

Members Facilities - Donate Plastics #2 & #5 with Beyond Bins

Donate Plastics #2 & #5 with Beyond Bins – Biji-biji Initiative


Plastic facts (source:


The average Malaysian disposes of 1.64kg of waste each day compared to the world average of 1.2kg”

56% Malaysians are concerned about the issue of single-use plastic

70% Malaysians feel it is the Government's responsibility to find ways to reduce plastic usage


Beyond Bins is Biji-biji Initiative flagship programme that tackles the plastic waste issues whilst improving livelihoods of marginalised communities, inspired by the global project “Precious Plastic” by Dave Hakkens. Beyond Bins enables small-scale plastic recycling within trained communities, providing them with the means to generate additional income. They believe that everyone should be able to have a chance at a better life. They are doing that with every piece of plastic that is diverted from landfills and upcycled. Checkout their website here: 


Basics are happy to be one of Beyond Bins drop off points at Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur.


Aligns with our sustainability concept, the purpose of Beyond Bins and Basics Mindful Living is not to encourage more usage of plastics and recycle but to be a community that first REFUSE, REDUCE, REUSE. Only consider recycling if there’s really no other options.


Strictly for members only. To check how to become a member, please click here.


通过 Beyond Bins  Biji-biji Initiative 捐赠塑料 #2  #5




“马来西亚人平均每天丢大概 1.64 公斤垃圾,而世界平均水平为 1.2 公斤”

56% 马来西亚人关注一次性塑胶的问题”

70% 的马来西亚人认为政府有责任找到减少塑料使用的方法”


Beyond Bins  Biji-biji Initiative 的旗舰项目,旨解决塑料垃圾问题,同时改善边缘化社区的生计,其灵感来自 Dave Hakkens 的全球项目“Precious Plastic”。 Beyond Bins 在受过培训的社区内实现小规模塑料回收,为他们提供创造额外收入。 他们相信每个人都应该有机会过上更好的生活。 他们正在对从垃圾填埋场转移和升级回收的每一块塑料进行处理。 在此处查看他们的网站: 


Basics 很高兴成为位于吉隆坡 Wangsa Maju  Beyond Bins drop off点之一。


与我们的可持续理念一致,Beyond Bins  Basics Mindful Living 的目的不是鼓励更多地使用塑料和回收利用,而是成为一个首先拒绝、减少、再利用的社区。 只有在确实没有其他选择的情况下才考虑回收利用。


仅限会员使用。 要查看如何成为会员,请单击此处


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