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Members Facilities - Donate/Swap books with Books on the Move

Members Facilities - Donate/Swap books with Books on the Move

Swap/Donate books with Books On the Move


Paper waste facts (source:


Of about 250,000 tonnes of newsprint a year, Only 100,000 tonnes are recovered from the waste stream. A large balance is yet to be recycled.”


Books on the Move is a non-profit book sharing initiative in Malaysia which aims to get people reading. ‘Book Ninjas’ would leave books at their community libraries. These books can be picked up, read and then returned for others to enjoy. 


Check out their other community libraries at Circles of Unity @ KL Gateway, Then and Now @LINC KL and Tower of Knowledge @ Paradigm PJ and other Community Shelves at for full details. Basics are excited to be one of their Community Shelves but we only focus on some specific genres. 


Be a Book Ninja today to share your own books and swap books at the libraries. If you find a free book, please take it, read it and share it with others. It’s simple. Take, read and return. We only accept books that are mentioned here. All free books are strictly not for sale and meant for readers to read and pass them on to others. 


Aligns with our sustainability concept, the purpose of Books On the Move and Basics Mindful Living is not to encourage more purchase and recycle but to be a community that first REFUSE, REDUCE, REUSE. Only consider recycling if there’s really no other options.


Strictly for members only. To check how to become a member, please click here.

 Books On the Move 交换/捐赠书籍




每年约有 250,000 吨新闻纸,但只有 100,000 吨从废物流中回收。 大量余额尚未回收。


Books on the Move 是马来西亚的一项非营利性图书共享计划,旨鼓励人们阅读。 “Book Ninjas” 会把书留在他们的社区图书馆。 这些书可以拿,阅读,然后归还给其他人欣赏。


 Circles of Unity @ KL GatewayThen and Now @LINC KL  Tower of Knowledge @Paradigm PJ 以及 的其他社区书架上查看他们的其他社区图书馆以获取完整详细信息。 Basics 很高兴成为他们的社区书架之一,但我们只收某些特定类型的书。


今天就成为图书忍者,分享您自己的图书并在图书馆交换图书。 如果你找到一本免费的书,请拿走它,阅读它并与他人分享。 这很简单。 拿走,阅读并返回。 我们只接受图里提到的书籍。 所有免费书籍均严禁出售,供读者阅读并转赠给他人。


与我们的可持续发展理念一致,Books On the Move  Basics Mindful Living 的目的不是鼓励更多的购买和回收,而是成为一个首先拒绝、减少、再利用的社区。 只有在确实没有其他选择的情况下才考虑回收利用。


仅限会员使用。 要查看如何成为会员,请单击此处


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