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Members Facilities - Donate your unwanted fabrics with Upcycle4Better

Members Facilities - Donate your unwanted fabrics with Upcycle4Better

Donate your unwanted fabrics with Upcycle4Better


Textile facts (source:


“27% of Malaysians have thrown away clothing after wearing it just once”

“7/10 Malaysians confessed they throw clothes away every year”

“In Malaysia, it is estimated that 2 tons of textiles are thrown away every day”


Upcycle4Better is a socially conscious fashion brand that specializes in upcycling pre-loved clothing and textiles into one-of-a-kind pieces. They also believed in making sustainable fashion accessible to all, and their team of skilled home based sewers help them achieve this goal. Lifeline Clothing Sdn Bhd collect unwanted textiles in Malaysia and sort them into 500 reuse and manufacturing categories. Checkout their website here: 


Do you know that extending the life of clothing by a further 9 months would reduce carbon, waste and water footprints by around 20 – 30% each? With that reason, Basics are happy to be one of Upcycle4Better drop off points at Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur.


Aligns with our sustainability concept, the purpose of Upcycle4Better and Basics Mindful Living is not to encourage more purchase and recycle but to be a community that first REFUSE, REDUCE, REUSE. Only consider recycling if there’s really no other options.


Strictly for members only. To check how to become a member, please click here.


 Upcycle4Better 捐赠您不需要的布料






“在马来西亚,估计每天有 2 吨纺织品被扔掉”


Upcycle4Better 是一个具有社会意识的时尚品牌,专门从事将旧衣服和纺织品升级再造成独一无二的单品。 他们还相信让所有人都能接触到可持续时尚,他们熟练的家庭主妇团队帮助他们实现了这一目标。 Lifeline Clothing Sdn Bhd 在马来西亚收集不需要的纺织品,并将它们分类为 500 个再利用和制造类别。 在此处查看他们的网站:


您知道吗,将衣物的使用寿命再延长 9 个月,碳足迹、废物足迹和水足迹将分别减少约 20%  30% 因此,Basics 很高兴成为吉隆坡 Wangsa Maju  Upcycle4Better  drop off点之一。


与我们的可持续理念一致,Upcycle4Better  Basics Mindful Living 的目的不是鼓励更多的购买和回收,而是成为一个首先拒绝、减少、再利用的社区。真的没有办法了,才考虑回收。


仅限会员使用。 要查看如何成为会员,请单击此处


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