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Household Cleaning

Product range & types

We have a wide range of household cleaning types from liquid to powder to soap bars. We carry only biodegradable/natural/eco products that are safe for our body and environment. For cleaning tools, we carry sustainable materials like bamboo, wood which are biodegradable or compostable.

Biodegradable detergents are recommended for people who doesn't have sensitive or allergy skin and its very budget friendly. It's also safe for our river systems. 

Natural detergents are recommended for people who has sensitive or allergy skin, infant/babies or children and the price is slightly expensive than biodegradable range as it uses pure essential oil but still affordable.

How to start refilling?

Ensure your bottles are clean and dry before refilling to ensure that you can enjoy the best quality of the products. Wet and uncleaned bottles might affect the product quality.  

How to refill?

1. Weigh - Step right up to the weighing station and weigh your container on our scale. Use a pen to write the weight down

2. Pick a product & fill it up - Feel free to self service or full service as you want it to be. Feel free to ask questions!

3. Weigh and pay - Once you are happy with your products, weigh your containers again deducting the weight form check in and pay at counter

The impact from refilling?

  • Saved plastic waste from going to the landfill
  • Reduce Co2 emissions
  • A sustainable Earth for our future generation