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Organic Cotton Waterproof Sanitary Cloth Pad by In Between Cultura (Assorted patterns and colors)

RM 40.00

*100% original washable sanitary cloth pads*

Why choose to use In Between Cultura natural unbleached organic cotton cloth pads?
- 100% hand sewn
- super breathable 
- no irritation to skin
- less stuffy
- plastic free
- suitable for normal to sensitive skin.
- made in Malaysia


What's inside?
1 piece of cloth pad

IBC Waterproof Light & Handy 22cm - suitable for light to normal flow during day time
IBC Waterproof Comfort Daily 25cm - suitable for normal to heavy flow during day/night time
IBC Waterproof Carefree 28cm - suitable for heavy flow during night time 
IBC Waterproof Maxi Overnight 32cm - suitable for very heavy flow during day/night time
IBC Waterproof Maxi Extra Long 38cm - suitable for elderly or postpartum

Materials and types of layers:
Outer Layer: Colored Printing Cotton 
Inner Layer & Absorbent layer: Organic knitted cotton, high permeability and comfort

1. Before use for the first time, soak and wash the pads
2. Recommended to change the sanitary napkins every 3-4 hours for cleanliness
3. When using cloth pads, we recommend wearing tight cotton underwear to prevent dislocation. Silk/seamless is not so suitable to use during this time. 
4. Suitable for normal period, pregnant woman, postpartum, sensitive and elder people.

Wash instruction:
1. Rinse and squeeze out the blood with normal tap water. Do not use hot water to wash the cloth pads. It will cause blood stain on the cloth
2. Soak with detergent or laundry powder for a few hours to remove any remaining stains
3. Wash, rinse and hang dry or wash with washing machine in a laundry bag
*for super stubborn stains, you can use enzyme-based detergents

*If you are outside, sprinkle some detergent/laundry powder/baking soda with a bit of water directly on the pad. Fold and keep the wet used pads in a wetbag. When you reach home, repeat step 1 to 3.