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Twin waterproof storage bag for cloth pads/underwear

RM 20.00

Twin waterproof zipped bag for wet cloth sanitary pads. Suitable for travel or at work

Product Details
How to keep your cloth pads when you are travelling or on the go? Here is your solution. 

This Twin waterproof bags will solve your problem. There are 2 waterproof bags, the zippers of the bags are of different colors for easy identification. One to keep used cloth pads, another to keep new cloth pads. You can even put underwear inside if its stained. 

The bag is made of pure cotton with a waterproof inner liner, it will be cleaned after being washed with blood stains, the seal is very good and it can be washed with water to make it white.  

Product benefits
-Non transparent to protect your privacy. 
-Made of organic cotton and waterproof layer inside. No dyeing and no bleaching. Easy to clean even for blood stain because it has waterproof layer inside. Fits 2 to 3 pads. 

Size: 16cm x 16cm
Specification: 2 bags (white + orange zipper)