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Feminine Care

There are a number of options for low-waste period care.

1. Reusable pads and pantyliners. They are washable, reusable, long-lasting alternative to traditional pads. They don't include any of the hazardous chemicals, plastics, perfumes or bleaches found in most single use pads.

2. Menstrual cup is another alternative for a long lasting and comfortable experience. Do consider a menstrual cup if you bleed a lot or less hassle for traveling 

3. Period panties come in a variety of options and styles, just like regular underwear. It's a good choice if you are not comfortable with insertion or have a light period.

The environmental impact of utilizing single-use period products is probably the simplest, most concrete way to look at the problem. By numbers alone, you generally use about 20 pads or tampons every month. That's 240 per year or anywhere between 5,000 and 14,000 depending on who you ask throughout a full lifetime of menstruation.

A zero waste period can be a game-changer!