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Pre Order

Pre orders are available for fresh made products. Only available for pick up in store. Check our location here.

The sustainable benefits of pre-ordering:

  • prevents waste in overproduction and reduces leftover - more often or not, unsold items usually ended in a landfill. By pre-ordering, our supplier knows exactly how much to produce without producing unnecessary waste
  • better quality items - massive production usually were forced to produce items as quickly and cheaply as possible, hence sacrifices quality and often resulted in lower quality products. Pre-order cuts down that kind of pressure and allows for a better quality product
  • more inclusive -  yes, pre-order needs you to wait, but it also allows you to have flexibility such as reducing unnecessary packaging while maintaining the quality that you deserves

Basics consistently works with local suppliers in Malaysia that creates and build their products around sustainable practices and innovations. They consistently utilise pre-ordering as a way to better their products, provide the best for their customers, and do good for the environment.

新鲜制作的产品可以预订。 仅可在店内自取。 在这里查看我们的位置


  • 防止生产过剩造成的浪费并减少剩余物—无论你是否相信,未售出的物品通常最终都会留在填埋场。 通过预购方式,我们的供应商可以确切地知道生产多少而不会产生不必要的浪费,减少填埋场的负担。
  • 质量更好的物品—大规模生产通常被迫以尽可能快和便宜的方式生产物品,因此牺牲了质量并经常导致质量较低的产品。 预购方式减少了这种压力并允许更好质量的产品
  • 更具包容性—是的,预购需要您等待,但它也让您拥有灵活性,例如减少不必要的包装,同时保持您应得的质量

Basics 很喜欢和马来西亚当地供应商合作,因为他们都围绕着可持续实践,创新创造他们的产品。 他们始终如一地利用预购来改进产品,为客户提供最好的产品,同时也为环境做贡献