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Basics Mindful Space is a knowledge sharing space. A space at Mezzanine floor for sharing, workshops, events and pop ups to help us learn to be mindful.


If you need a quiet space at Wangsa Maju area be it for small group trainings, talks, workshops, meetings, presentations, seminar etc, you might want to consider Basics Mindful Space. A cozy mezzanine floor located at Wangsa Maju. 


Basics Mindful Space (250sqf) comes with the following:

1. Air-conditioned

2. Free wifi

3. Plug points and extension

4. Pen and paper

5. Tables and chairs 

6. TV (tbc)


- Coffee and tea available upon request by Yum.Kopi Pop up café

- TNG Parking available

- Sits up to 10 pax

- Public toilet available outside the premises

- Available 7 days a week

Please fill in the enquiry form , we will contact you soon.

Basics Mindful Space 是一个知识分享空间。阁楼的专注空间可举办分享会,手作坊、活动,帮助我们学会用心生活。


如果您在 Wangsa Maju 地区需要一个安静的空间来进行小组培训、讲座、研讨会、会议、演示、研讨会等,您可以考虑 Basics Mindful Space 位于 Wangsa Maju 的舒适夹层楼。


Basics Mindful Space (250sqf) 配备以下设施:

1. 空调

2. 免费无线上网

3. 插点与延伸



6. 电视(待定)


- Yum.Kopi 饮。咖Pop up 咖啡可应要求提供咖啡和茶

- TnG停车位

最多可容纳 10 


每周 7 天可用