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Calming Chamomile Tea by Roleaf

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Calming Chamomile Tea by Roleaf


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Product description

Chamomile is a herb renowned in folk and traditional medicine for its health, cosmetic and nutritional benefits. Egyptian noblewoman have used chamomile petals in a variety of preparations for their beauty, while the Greek physicians prescribed it for fever and female diseases. A soothing blend for relaxation that takes away anxious, stressed or depressed feelings. Helps with insomnia.



Croatia cultivates one of the finest chamomile in the world. The quantity and quality of essential oil is greatly affected by the climate, method of cultivation, harvesting, drying and processing. Chamomile herbs harvested in Croatia is the richest in essential oil compared to other chamomiles. It has a strong, sweet fragrance yet is exceptionally aromatic and smooth to the taste.


Tasting Journal Snippets: Mild, sweet and flowery fragrant herbal tea, reminds us of a sunny summer day.

Tea liquor: Light bodied with a golden hue

Strength: Light


Brewing time: 5 minutes

Brewing temperature: 100° C


Ingredient: Chamomile flowers


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