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Natural Bristle Wooden Dish Brush

RM 16.00

Product description

A Tampico bristle dish brush that has a detachable head so you can replace it when you need to


Product benefits

  • Plastic free – completely biodegradable. A dish brush with plastic bristles can shed fibres that can end up in the ocean, the bristles on this brush are plant-based and 100% biodegradable
  • Natural wood & bristles
  • Clean with confidence that no microplastics or chemicals are being released down the drain being 100% natural, the brush is non-toxic and completely biodegradable 

How to use

Make sure to rinse and shake out any particles, then hang to dry. To make it last longer, occasionally soak in hot water with natural dish soap and air dry.




Tampico Bristles (natural fiber)


Impact on environment


In store packaging: Packaging free

Courier Packaging: packed in compostable or reusable packaging materials and reusable cartons boxes, wraps to minimize environmental damage

Reuse/Recycling: easy to recycle