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Water Activated Paper Tape

RM 10.90

Water activated paper tape


Product details

Eco-friendly kraft tape. Water-based glue with craft paper backing. Use paper gummed tape for art projects and decorating, repairing and reinforcing books and documents, book binding, and closing and sealing packages. Gum tape is also known as water tape or water-activated tape. 


Some gum tape can even be reversible by wetting it again. It is much stronger than standard packing tape, gummed paper tape is suitable for sealing cartons. Once applied, it creates a “bond” with your box, making the entire parcel stronger and more secure. 


Better product protection means less damages, cutting down costs associated with replacing broken or lost products. 


Direction of use: Cut, moisten, position the tape on the surface needed and paste it. 


Length: 50m, 4.8cm wide