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Cutlery set

Stainless Steel Wooden Cutlery Set

RM 15.00

Stainless Steel Wooden Cutlery set


Product details

Our cutlery sets makes it easy for you to add style to your traveling and eco-friendly daily living. Wooden handles with an anti-slip surface that is comfortable to hold


Product benefits

1. Convenient to bring around 

2. Comes in a risk husk container. Compact and lightweight.



Material: Stainless steel and wood

Set: Comes with 1 fork, 1 spoon, 1 pair of chopstick


Impact on environment


In store packaging: Packaging free 

Courier Packaging: packed in compostable or reusable packaging materials and reusable cartons boxes, wraps to minimize environmental damage

Reuse/Recycling: Reusable