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Lekue Lunch Box

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Lekue Lunch Box


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Enjoy your meal wherever you are with the LunchBox To Go! 


It's 100% airtight and is made up of 2 containers (500 ml each). They are both joined together by a silicone rim for easier transportation. Both 500ml container are same color (Turquoise). Silicone rim is yellow in color.  Photos is for illustration only. 


Safe to use in a microwave. It also has a built-in valve to make sure it's completely airtight and leakproof.


There is an extra lid on the upper part for storing cutlery

* Cutlery not included.


Its minimalist and delicate design, with no clips or fasteners, and its trendy colours, make it great to show off and an ideal accessory for your daily routine.


Material: PP + 100% Platinum Silicone

Dimensions: mm L192 - W100 - H110

Temperature: -20ºC / +100ºC

Suitable for: Microwave, dishwasher, fridge

Weight: 500 gr.

Capacity: 500 ml /recipient. Total: 1 L


Made by Lekue in China. 


In compliance with European and FDA regulatory requirements for food contact materials. 


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