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Reed Diffuser Oils 100ml + 4 Rattan Sticks by Zensuous

RM 32.00

In recent years, reed diffusers are increasingly opted as a way to fragrance our homes as they are eco-friendly, don’t consume energy and usually made of natural materials. Unlike candles, they can be left unattended without any risk of the house going up in flames.
Reed sticks are usually made of rattan wood which serves for evaporation purpose. Thicker reeds absorb more oil and thus diffuse more scent into the air. To improve evaporation, it may be necessary to flip the sticks over. 
Malaysian homes usually will use a fan for air circulation thus, reed diffusers or ultrasonic aroma diffusers might be a better alternative to candles. 

  • Calming - A wonderfully fragrant blend of soothing Eucalyptus and comforting geranium organic essential oils to calm the senses. 
  • French Lavender – pain reliever, relax mind. The natural herbal fragrance of a lazy sunny afternoon in a garden full of lavender combined with lavender’s signature sweetness brings relaxation to both the mind and body. Relax your mind and body in the hard daily life.
  • Lemongrass – tones muscles, sport massage. The lemongrass scent exudes an intense lasting fragrance with subtle musky and woody undertones. It exhibits cleansing anti-microbial effects & is an ideal insect repellent. For the hard workers who seek mental clarity, this is the perfect scent for you.
  • Rose – soothes and harmonize the mind. The Grasse region’s fresh, sweet centifolia rose is blended with sensual musk scent, delivering the rose scent more elegantly.
  • Relaxing – helps insomnia. Relax in Peace captures the powdery and cozy atmosphere of a thick quilted comforter. Blended with Mandarin, Lemongrass, Lavender, Geranium, and Patchouli, Relax in Peace promotes a calming environment and a restful sleep.

Essential oils, diffuser oils, witch hazel, aqua
How to Use?
1. Place the sticks that came with your reed diffuser into the bottle to absorb the essential oils.
2. Flip sticks so that the “dry” side of the sticks is now closest to the bottle and the saturated end is in the air.
3. Place unsaturated (dry) end of the sticks into the bottle.
4. Let your reed diffuser naturally permeate your space. It will continue to evaporate into the air, creating a subtle and luxurious scent.
To refresh the fragrance of the reed diffuser, simply repeat steps 2-4.
Helpful tips

  • Flip sticks for more scent - If you want to increase the scent, just flip the sticks. Please remember to always flip diffuser oil reed sticks over a paper towel and to wipe bottle so no oil drips onto your table/surface.
  • Diffusers oil replace candles - Did you know fire codes for offices, apartments, dorms etc. make candles illegal to use? Our customers enjoy legally using reed diffusers in restricted places where candles are not allowed. Reed diffusers are a great way to enhance the smell of a room without an open flame.
  • Protect your tables and surfaces - Just like a glass of ice water can leave a ring on a wood table, diffusers oil work best when placed on a drink coaster (ceramic, glass, etc.) or glass table. Please use care when placing on wooden surfaces because the essential oils can leave marks.
  • Parents should keep diffusers out of reach from children - Diffusers are meant to stand up and to be left untouched. If kids are around diffusers, please keep the diffusers higher and out of reach.

Net weight: 100ml bottle. A reed diffuser of 100ml will normally last around 1 – 3 months. 
Zensuous reed diffusers oils are made with natural and organic essential oils. An ideal choice for promoting natural healing and relaxation. 
SAFETY – Zensuous fragrances are free from formaldehyde, methanol, benzene, glyoxal, and cl dichloroethylene and adhere to IFRA standards and regulations. All of their diffuser bottles have completed safety tests.
EASY SCENT CONTROL AND LONG-LASTING FRAGRANCE – You can choose to add or remove the number of reed sticks to match your taste. It takes 1 or 2 days for the fabric sticks to soak in the scent. When the fragrance weakens, simply turn the reed sticks upside down or replace them with new ones.
THOUGHTFUL GIFT IDEA – It is a thoughtful gift idea for weddings, birthdays, housewarming parties, Christmas, holidays, Mother’s day, and Father’s Day. Give joy to your parents, friends, colleagues, and customers with their luxurious diffusers.