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Laundry Eco Sheets-30pcs

RM 22.50

Product description

Function: All in one laundry care in one single piece. Combination of laundry powder or liquid detergent, softener and disinfectant

Ingredients: Made of natural plant enzyme. Does not contain fluorescent agent. 100% dissoluble.


Usage Instruction

Wash by hand: Put the laundry sheet on top of the laundry. Recommended to use 1 sheet for 5 – 8 pieces of clothing with 3 – 5 litre water)

Wash by machine: Put the laundry sheet in the washing machine on top of the laundry. Recommended to use 2 sheets for 8 – 12 pieces of clothing with 25 – 30 litre water)

Note: Please do not use prewash mode. 


Product benefits

  • Eco friendly because its made of plant enzyme. 100% dissoluble and does not have much bubbles
  • Gentle on hands and skin because made of natural plant
  • Clean (professional formula) and natural floral scent make your clothes cleaner and smell fresher
  • SGS certified. Safe for pregnant ladies, elder people and infants as well.
  • Save water and cost
  • Effective in removing stains because of the plant enzyme
  • Easy and convenient for travelling because its lightweight

Product Care & Caution:

  • Avoid contact with eyes and skin.
  • Store in cool, dry, dim place.