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Wool Dryer Balls

RM 6.90

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Product description

Function: Dryer balls softens laundry, reduces static and wrinkles and removes odor.

Ingredients: Made of 100% natural wool.

Size: 8cm in diameter


Usage Instruction

Throw 3 – 6 dryer balls into the dryer together with your laundry. It will bounce around the dryer, absorbing excess dampness ensuring your laundry dries faster than usual. Put a few drops of essential oil on the dryer balls to naturally scent your laundry. 

Regular loads: 3 – 4 balls

Heavier loads: 4 – 6 balls


Product benefits

  • Eco friendly – chemical free and odourless. Safe for baby clothing or sensitive skin
  • Reusable – reusable up to 1000 laundry cycles
  • Cost & Energy Efficient – dryer balls help to minimize cost of utility bills because it reduces drying time up to 20-40%
  • Easy to store – compact and light in weight. It comes with a cotton pouch if you purchase a set of 6 balls
  • Maintenance free – no cleaning is required. Just keep in the bag or leave them in the dryer

Product Care & Caution:

  • Store in cool, dry, dim place.

Impact on environment

In store packaging: Comes with a drawstring pouch

Courier Packaging: packed in compostable or reusable packaging materials and reusable cartons boxes, wraps to minimize environmental damage

Reuse/Recycling: Plastic free