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Natural Multipurpose Cleaner Spray by Threelab

RM 19.00

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Product description

Function best choice for all-around. Able to clean, cut through dirt, eliminating over 99.9% of germs and bacteria, grime from kitchen top, floor to ceiling with no sticky residue. Works quickly just spray and wipe dirt away

Colour: As per photo

Scent: Berry Citrus/Grapefruit

Ingredients: Purified water, Sea-Ion mineral, Fatty Acid Coconut Diethanolamide, Sodium Carboxymethyl  Cellulose CMC, Natural Life Enzyme, Sodium Disilicate, Sodium Carbonate, Citric Acid, Citrus  Aurantifonia


Usage Instruction

Spray directly on surface to be cleaned. Wipe with clean cloth, rag, or paper towel. Repeat as necessary.


Product benefits

  • No Sulfates (SLS, SLES, ALS).
  • made from bio-degradable and plant-oil based cleaning ingredients
  • No harmful ingredients and colorants
  • No fragrance
  • Non toxic
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Biodegradable
  • Kills 99.9% germs, remove odor, remove tough stains, remove sticky grease, plant based ingredients. 
  • Safe for pets and baby.

Product Care & Caution:

  • Avoid contact with eyes and skin.
  • Store in cool, dry, dim place.

Threelab is a local business in Malaysia. 100% of Threelab products are local made. 90% of their products are handmade by them with lots of thoughts on reducing harsh chemical in the personal care and household products. 


Threelab is determined to produce international quality natural ingredients products with friendly price tag to Malaysian household.