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Natural Loofah

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Natural Loofah


Product description

Loofah is a plant from a gourd in the cucumber family, loofah are grown in tropical and subtropical climates. After the gourds are harvested, it can be left to dry out and can be sliced, cut or shaped in a variety of ways before they’re sold as sponges.



Loofah sponges have historically been used as scrubbers. It can be used to:

  • Exfoliate your skin
  • Using with soap to lather up and cleanse your skin
  • Used to scrub tiles, showers, sinks, dish and other hard to-clean surfaces

Product benefits

  • Plastic free – completely biodegradable
  • Natural – from plant
  • Clean with confidence that no microplastics or chemicals are being released down the drain – being 100% natural, loofah is non-toxic and completely biodegradable 

How to clean or care to last longer

Put it in a cool, dry place to avoid bacteria growing inside the loofah



100% loofah plant


Impact on environment


In store packaging: Packaging free

Courier Packaging: packed in compostable or reusable packaging materials and reusable cartons boxes, wraps to minimize environmental damage