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The Hivette Menstrual Cup | The Hive

RM 80.00

The Hivette Menstrual Cup - the first local branded menstrual cup in Malaysia. CONFIRMED AUTHENTIC


The Hivette is Malaysia's first local menstrual cup, which was introduced at the beginning of early 2019. The Hivette is a menstrual cup, which is used to collect menstrual fluid for women. Without a doubt, The Hivette is indeed an environmentally-friendly alternative to pads and tampons, and also a solution to plastic problems on Earth!


Product Details

The Hivette now comes with 2 different designs for each colour. Our yellow cup is originally made in the USA and it is USFDA-Approved!


With its new transparent yellow look, this new cup is available to purchase via website/store.


You are entitled to the below items for every purchase:

💛 The Hivette Menstrual Cup

💛 Waterproof Pouch to store your cup

💛 Compostable Cardboard Box (comes with instructions!)


The smaller cups (25ml) are generally suggested for women that are:

- A beginner/ First time trying a menstrual cup

- Younger than 30 years old/teens

- Haven’t given birth, vaginally

- Never had sexual intercourse


The bigger cup size (35 ml) is frequently suggested for ladies who are:

- Older than 30 years of age

- Giving birth, vaginally

- Have a heavy flow during her period