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Fresh Yogurt by YourgutBB (725ml)

RM 20.00
  • All  yogurt are freshly handmade with preorder for collection on Saturday and Sunday at Basics Mindful Living store. 
  • Preorder by Monday for collection on that weekend. If not, then collection will be on the following weekend.
  • Returnable bottle program: RM2 rebate for each clean bottle returned for next purchase
  • Basics Mindful Living reserves the right to reject any uncleaned bottle.

Drink yogurt and support environmental movement in Malaysia! YourgutBB’s handmade yogurt is fresh and special, produced on demand and freshly supplied and has more probiotics.

  • no preservatives, no food additives, only all natural products
  • their yogurt has a unique taste and texture
  • their plain yogurt allows you to mix and match whatever you like, and its suitable for diabetes people because there’s no sugar
  • they offer a range of healthy fruit yogurt flavors
  • they provide the highest quality products at the most affordable price
  • they implemented a number of environmental policies such as returnable bottle program and etc

Wondering how to drink yogurt right? Here are some tips on how to harness the best from yogurt!

1. Drink 180ml – 200ml daily
2. Best time to drink: 30 minutes – 2 hours after meal (when food is digested)
3. Do not consume it with empty stomach
4. Keep yogurt cold in fridge
5. Best consume within 14 days from production date

Basics Mindful Living aims to bring awareness about the importance of living consciously, eating healthily and to discover connection between us and the environment.