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Lohas Organic Raw Eucalyptus Honey 1kg

RM 71.90

Product Name: Organic Raw Eucalyptus Honey

Product Specification: 1kg per jar

Place of Origin: As written on the label

Best before date: As written on the label

Storage method: Please keep in cool and dry place and consume as soon as possible. 

Brand: Lohas



Product from Australia

USDA organic certified

Certified organic in Australia

Certified halal in Australia


Ingredients: Raw Eucalyptus Honey

Preserved method: Keep in dry cold place, avoid from sunlight.


Organic Raw Eucalyptus Honey is harvested from natural certified areas. This fragrant Raw Eucalyptus Honey is not just flavorsome but still contains all the goodness the bees put in.


Raw Eucalyptus Honey tends to have a special herbal flavour which carries a hint of menthol. This honey is traditionally used by people as a protection against colds and headaches. It is also recommended as an ingredient to liven up your morning or afternoon tea. 


Therapeutic uses for honey:

Insomnia: 2 tablespoon of honey to avoid muscle spasms and facilitates relaxed sleep

Infectious diarrhea: 3 or 4 tablespoon of honey dissolved in water helps control infectious diarrhea associated with gastroenteritis caused by salmonella

Apply directly to skin promotes healing of infected wounds, ulcers and burns


Caution: honey is not recommended for infants below 12 months