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Calendula Balms - Skin, Lips, cracked heels by PrettyDamnBalms

RM 28.00

Calendula Healing Balm – Skin, Lips, Cracked Heels 


Calendula officinalis (pot marigold) infused oil has antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that makes it useful for skin's well-being.


Works best for:

  • cuts and wounds
  • diaper rash
  • soothing eczema flare ups
  • cracked hells
  • chapped lips
  • sunburns or scalding

Net weight30g each


How to use and store? 

1. Apply an appropriate amount on skin surface and gently rub to enhance absorption. 

2. Frequent re-application will enhance healing process. 

3. Be patient with natural ingredient products as the body takes time to adapt and heal. 

4. Always apply with a clean finger, this helps prolonged balm hygiene and shelf life. 

5. Store in cool and dry area. Refrigerate if necessary. 

6. Children and animal safe as all ingredients are natural and food grade.


Impact on environment

In store packaging: Packaging free or with box for easy reference

Courier Packaging: packed in compostable or reusable packaging materials and reusable cartons boxes, wraps to minimize environmental damage

Reuse/Recycling: You can return your used tins to us and receive a discount of 1 tin = RM1 when you restock on their balms.


Pretty Damn Balms is a local small business. They have meticulously handcrafted a range of magnesium balms that is absorbed externally via the skin faster than orally eaten supplements, which makes it particularly advantageous for individuals with gastrointestinal troubles in replenishing magnesium levels. And what’s more is they also support eco-friendly initiative.


Their new Calendula Series comprises of balms made of naturally infused Calendula Officinalis flowers to help a wide range of skin problems such as cuts, burns, inflammation, bites and et cetera due to its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties together with Vitamin E anti-oxidant to promote skin health. 


Their balms cater to a wide range of people: women, elderlies, working adults, active individuals, and your four legged friends (dogs and cats). Check here